Thursday, September 20, 2012

3-D Printing for The Chronicle of Higher Education

I had an interesting assignment request several weeks ago to shoot a 3-D printing lab at the University of Washington. The lab was a cluttered collection of machines buzzing away making everything from owls, cookies, cogs, and machine parts to make more 3-D printing machines or "bots". Brandon Bowman, who works in the Soldheim Lab, was a great sport as I tried to capture details and the process that happens between computer and 3-D printer. I decided to try a new approach with portraits and use video lights, or constant light sources instead of strobes. It was a low light situation to begin with, so using less powerful lights really worked well and they were much less cumbersome than using strobes. I'm interested to try more portraits with LED lights and tungsten lights in future assignments. Here is a selection of images from the shoot.
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