Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The Mendenhall Glacier for The New York Times

Last week I had the opportunity spend some time in the Inside Passage of Alaska as well as Juneau, where I shot a story that explored the Mendenhall Glacier and the sudden outbursts of water that the glacier has been prone to in the recent years. It was a difficult story to illustrate since most of the activity is going on under the glacier, and the floodplain that is impacted is spread out across the Mendenhall Valley with little visual cues as to the possible threat. Since the glacier itself is 14 miles away from Juneau, most of my time was spent either flying via helicopter with researchers up to the top of the glacier, or hiking over the base. It was a great trip and a fun assignment. Here are some images from the shoot. View Article Here>>>

Saturday, July 06, 2013

Seattle's Light Rail for The Wall Street Journal

A couple of months ago I shot a story for The Wall Street Journal dealing with how light rail systems are actually making housing prices increase in the areas surrounding them and driving lower income residents farther and farther away from the light rail that they depend on. Here are a couple of images from the shoot.