Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Importance of Personal Work

It's been over a year now that I have been full time freelance. When I first started my photographic education nearly 6 years ago, I thought that being a freelance photographer would be the life! I was correct in thinking that, but little did I know, it would be quite a struggle as well. Last year, after a pretty busy summer of assignments my phone stopped ringing for nearly 5 months. Luckily, one day it started ringing again and hasn't stopped. Throughout the slow periods I was so worried about getting work I stopped taking pictures for me. Lately, I've been getting back to what I love to do. In between assignments I have started a myriad of different projects, some that will last for years, others, maybe only a couple of months.

Two months ago I started teaching at Luminous Works and The Photographic Center Northwest. It has been an eye opening experience. Throughout these classes, one of the main questions I am asked is whether I do personal work or if I shoot everything through assignments. Well as nice as the latter would be, most of the work that I am most proud of has come through a personal dedication of time, money, and motivation to focus on projects I feel are important or would just be fun to photograph. I am currently diving into a story in the Pacific Northwest that focuses on the remnants of the logging industry. I have decided to shoot it all on film, which I haven't done in ages, so bear with me as I post images and explore a new medium and visual style throughout this project.

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