Friday, June 01, 2012

Border Patrol for The New York Times

It is always a pleasure to head out to the rural parts of Washington and the peninsula for an assignment. This time, I headed out to Forks, the small town made famous by the Twilight movies, with Bill Yardley, to talk with locals and the immigrant population about the recent increase in activity by the US Border Patrol. It was an interesting assignment to start, yet challenging for me to find a way to gain access with the salad pickers in the area as I don't speak Spanish. I was able to connect with Jose Hernandez to go into the forest with him and photograph him picking salal, which is used as greenery in ornamental flower arrangements. It was a fun shoot and I ran a couple of rolls through the Hasselblad as well. To my surprise, those images are the ones they picked for the layout. Here are some other shots from the weekend. View Article Here>>>

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