Monday, August 08, 2011

Japanese Internment for The New York Times

Recently I have had an influx of assignments varying greatly in scope. Some have been more conceptual, while others have tested my physical abilities as well as my abilities as a photographer. Regardless, they have all been a lot of fun. The NY Times just ran a story about the Japanese who were forcibly removed from Bainbridge Island in 1942. I was fortunate enough to be able to photograph several of the people who returned to the island as well as a wonderful woman, Ms. Hayashida, who relayed her experiences in the camps. Here is a selection of images from the shoot as well as a link to the article and slideshow.
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Samantha said...

A few month ago I got to visit a local museum on the island that had a huge display on the internment. I was blown away by how many were affected on the island. The curators their recommend the book Snow Falling on Cedars which was based on the events that happened there.