Sunday, February 20, 2011

Pine Ridge Reservation on

I recently had the great pleasure of working with Mark Rykoff, a photo editor at TIME on editing a selection of images from my Pine Ridge project. The Pine Ridge Reservation has always had a pull for me in many ways even before I picked up a camera. It's great to see this project find a new home. Please check out the gallery at the following link.
View Gallery Here>>>


Corina N said...

Matthew, I had a chance to look at your Pine Ridge photos. I went to your website and checked out some of your other projects in the US and overseas. You have an incredible eye and there’s a particular sensitivity to the images.
The essay of the children of Stung Meanchey is unbelievable, reminiscent of Sebastiao Salgado.
Great work, and … don’t give up!

nelson said...

very nice work.. saw this featured on as well. Very inspirational set ! look forward to more.