Saturday, November 06, 2010

The Music Man of Starbucks for The New York Times

Last week I spent an hour with Timothy Jones, of Starbucks Coffee. I dragged some lights, stands, and my camera gear in there and ended up liking the one that I didn't light. Jones, along with his team of employees, are in charge of selecting the music that thousands of people hear and purchase at their stores throughout the country. I wanted to capture him in a unique way, without using obvious props such as piles of CD's and other things that he had at his desk.
Working with publications is always interesting because you never know how much space they have or which image they will want to run. In this particular instance, they only had space to run a very small picture so they chose one of the images that wasn't my favorite. You can view the story here, but I think this image that is bathed in yellow light is very telling of Jones' personality and what he does for a living.
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