Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Necklace Valley - 3 Day Backpacking Trip

The Necklace Valley is nestled in the North Cascades in the Alpine Lakes Wilderness. Terry, a first time backpacker, and myself, a backpacker long removed, and my 8 year old chocolate lab decided that climbing into this valley and up to the Tank Lakes would be a relaxing three day trip. Turns out, it was brutal - with over 4,000 ft. in elevation gain in about four miles, which is at the end of the first 5 mile trail. All in all, it was a spectacular introduction into backpacking in this amazing place. We forgot about our troubles, bills, things to do for three days and instead focused on when the uphill would end, the annoying mosquitos, and the snowy peaks. We ended up camping at Emerald Lake and day hiking up to Tank Lakes, which was more a trudge through the scree fields and snow, but well worth it. Now we're back in Seattle nursing our wounds and planning our next adventure. Thanks to Terry for the wonderful photo of my dog Nora and me.


Dave said...

Yeah! Beautiful Matt, glad you guys are enjoying the Cascades. We'll join forces soon.

Sudeep said...

Awesome snaps.