Thursday, February 04, 2010

The Weekend

My life has been pretty busy, some times monotonous, but mostly exciting and busy lately. I have been working for a small paper as an intern, while I get my freelance business up and running, so while I'm not pulling my hair out shooting girl's basketball I am redesigning my logo, contacting editors, creating a dedicated wedding site, and working on new projects for 2010. But this weekend (i have mondays and tuesdays off) I went on a hike with my chocolate lab beast through the mossy forest. The quietness of the forest on monday morning is fantastic. While everyone else is typing away I am looking at moss, reflections, water, and running around chasing my dog like a kid again. Nora likes to jump in and out of the small pools at the base of the water fall and then bark at me as if to say "Why the hell aren't you doing this! This is great!" while I sip my coffee and watch with a smile. Then it's the hike back and just like that, the forest trails turn into suburbs, interstates, Seattle, then to my little reprieve above the city in Queen Anne, where I am back to work.


Jenna said...

NORA!!! Looking so obedient.

Davin said...

Can't believe that is Nora. Used to a stolen chalk bag in her mouth.

Anonymous said...

nora looks beautiful. theo still doesn't miss her