Thursday, March 27, 2008

Rural Area Threatened by Developer

The other night I attended a meeting in Bell's Bend, which to my surprise was a beautiful track of farmland outside of Nashville nestled in a bend of the Cumberland River. The quiet community filled the small community center in response to a proposed development that would threaten the rural lifestyle the Bell's Bend community values so much. Developer Tony Giarratana was sitting silent in the front of the room throughout the meeting. The question that I would pose is - When is urban sprawl going to be put in check in an effort to preserve the natural areas outside of major metropolitan areas throughout the United States? While Nashville is a far cry from the front range of Colorado, the people of Bell's Bend may be fighting for one of the last relatively untouched areas in the Nashville area.


Gardagami said...
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Stephanie Lisa said...

I love the last one :)