Saturday, August 11, 2007

After the Fall Part III

I have been in NYC for about a day now and have met some extraordinary people. The following portraits are of David Keller, right, and Al Fortier, left. Keller lost his father because of 9/11. They were both working in the same volunteer fire department at the time. Because of the health risks workers were exposed to including toxic air conditions, Timothy Keller suffered severe respiratory and heart problems and passed away on June 25, 2005. He did not receive any aid from the government for his commitment as a volunteer. David now has "Never Forget, 9-11-01" and "RIP Dad 6.25.05" tattooed on his arms in memory of his father.

Al Fortier, a former NYPD detective, also suffered from severe respiratory illness and PTSD because of that day. Fortier is not able to work anymore, and also does not receive any aid from the government. "I loved being a cop," explained Al, "and now I can't. That's what I miss the most, not being able to do what used to."

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Michelle Williams said...

love the intro image of the fisherman, the meds detail and the flag pic!